AMBISAT's continuous growth, the result of sustained expansion in the different fields of activity, can be seen in the increase in the number of specialised technical services offered.

provides comprehensive services to national and international Public Administrations and Companies, as well as to Private Companies. With this in view, we offer a wide-ranging team of professionals comprising experts in every field in order to develop our services more effectively and efficiently. AMBISAT covers all the services required by customers in its fields of action, such as: Studies and projects in any stage
  • Direction, control, and monitoring
  • Project Management technical assistance
  • Supply, Sanitation and Treatment Infrastructure Operational Services
  • Private and institutional consultancy services
  • Project Management and Project Monitoring
  • Infrastructure Inspection, Control and Maintenance
  • Systems Design and Development
  • Regulations
  • Technical and financial reports and audits
  • Health and Safety Coordination
  • Concessional Systems
  • Environmental management
  • Infrastructure management.
  • Maintenance and conservation strategies

AMBISAT provides high value-added services in the different phases of the comprehensive cycle of projects and studies, execution and/or operation. We provide each customer with professional and customised support individually, always in accordance with their needs, whether of a technical, managerial, analysis or operational nature.