The definition of the state of water bodies and the obligation to achieve their good state established in the Water Framework Directive (WFD) is probably one of its most innovative and complex aspects and has led to a radical change in European legislation and in Spanish law.

Since the WFD was transposed into Spanish law, AMBISAT, S.L. has been working extensively designing methods to analyse and assess the ecological and chemical status of water bodies, to integrate the environmental variables that define them and to establish the state of water bodies. Applying these factors to water planning processes has led to enhancing significant aspects related to the new approach provided in the new WFD and related to the characterization of the evolution of the state of water bodies, to the identification of key determinants and, finally, to the establishing of environmental objectives.

In order to develop aspects related to the state of water bodies, AMBISAT, S.L. employs a multidisciplinary technical team capable of performing all tasks and activities related to assessing the state of bodies of water:
  • Studies aimed at implementing the Water Framework Directive in river basins (water body characteristics, pressure and impact, protected bodies, control networks, economic analysis of water use
  • Design and adjustment of control networks and programmes
  • Diagnosis of the suitability of quality requirements (quality indicators and indices)
  • Diagnosis and monitoring of eutrophication of water bodies
  • Changes in quality over time. Ecological state of water bodies, biotic and diversity indices.
  • Water ecotoxicology studies, sediments and aquatic organisms