Spanish rural policies have basically mirrored European agriculture, rural development and infrastructure policies. The implementation of Law 45/2007 of 13 December on sustainable rural development provides the foundations for a rural policy that fully adapts to the social, economic and environmental aspects of the Spanish rural environment.

This legal statute intends to promote development in rural areas, improving the socio-economic situation of the population located in these areas and facilitating access to sufficient and high quality public services. In this sense, this law contemplates a wide range of possible actions and sustainable rural development measures, which can be applied by the Central Government and by regional authorities according to their respective powers.

The Sustainable Rural Development Programme (PDRS) is the basis of this new rural policy. It includes the strategy and the development objectives to be achieved, the rural areas where they will be applied, the sustainable rural development measure that will be introduced, the action framework of the different Public Administrations and the system that will be used to assess compliance with the objectives established.

It is in relation to these actions and measures where AMBISAT has been developing part of its business, dedicating its team of fully qualified professionals to the preparation of plans and studies related to the needs of the different authorities in charge of these issues.

AMBISAT performs the following activities in this field:
  • Strategic Plans and Agenda 21
  • Preparation of local development plans and programmes
  • Natural Resources Management Plans (including ENP) as well as Usage and Management Master Plans
  • Alternative connectivity and accessibility plans (stock trails, green-ways...)
  • Assistance preparing regulations on activities in the natural environment.
  • Eco-tourism and country tourism
  • Local or regional socio-economic and feasibility studies
  • Development indicators