Among the activities developed by AMBISAT our R&D&i activities are considered strategic objectives, based on the following core elements:
  • The use of technology as to promote and develop public and private players in the water and environmental sectors. This technology allows use to undertake our activities and responsibilities while ensuring value for money and improving the quality and efficiency of our services.
  • R&D&i as a driving force for company growth, creating new products to meet our customers' needs.
  • Commitment to R&D&i as an essential activity to meet the constant demand for new technologies and products.
  • R&D&i understood as the constant and systematic monitoring of technology as a source of knowledge at the service of the entire organization.
  • Market awareness and knowledge of the sector as a source of information to enable R&D&i to generate innovative products that will allow us to access markets and new lines of business for the company.
  • R&D&i that is competitive and different, capable of contributing prestige and recognition to the organization.
  • Minimize the economic and technical uncertainties involving R&D&i projects by promoting the mechanisms required to obtain financial support and to protect the results, reducing the risk and promoting research, development and innovation activities.

Examples of recent R&D&i projects developed by AMBISAT:
  • Decision Support System (DSS) for wastewater treatment management in small urban areas / Funded by the Ministry of the Environment
  • Device for using the Mechanical Energy of Marine Waves Aimed at Improving Effluent Dispersion in Submarine Outfalls / Funded by the Ministry of the Environment
  • TermAHS. Technical feasibility study on the use of airborne Hyperspectral Sensors, AHS, as a roofing heat assessment tool (insulation quality)(TermAHS) / project supported by IMADE
  • VERTEL. Remote sensing as a tool for identifying landfills / Project financed by the CTA (Andalusia Technology Corporation)

AMBISAT values the internationalization of its R&D through the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) for Research and Development. AMBISAT has participated in the latest FP7 projects with ambitious and promising R&D&i proposals in the field of the Environment, Water and Energy, such as:
  • HYDROCHANGE Project: Integrated decision-making framework on the adaptation to hydrological changes induced by climate change in the Mediterranean basin. Project proposal headed and co-ordinated by AMBISAT with the co-operation of 12 technological-scientific partners from 8 different countries.
  • CARBOREFINEY Project: AMBISAT is involved in this proposal as a partner responsible for assessing the sustainability of a new biorefinery concept with zero carbon dioxide emissions. The proposal was raised with over 20 partners from 10 different countries.
  • i-RECLAIM Project (Intelligent technologies and decision tools foR watEr sCarcity mitigation in LAtIn aMerica): AMBISAT is a member of the consortium involved in this proposal that is being assessed at present.