The investment programme also requires taking into account environmental and sustainable development considerations, consequently, AMBISAT offers consultancy and engineering services, as well as technical assistance, planning support and studies, always using state-of-the-art technology, i.e. AMBISAT offers Public Administrations specialised services for the development of:
  • Water management planning
  • Supply, sanitation and treatment infrastructure planning
  • Concept, design and study of alternatives
  • Preparation of technical and economic feasibility studies
  • Analysis and preparation of regulations for the practical implementation of water supply, sanitation and water treatment plans and programmes.

AMBISAT projects in this field include all levels: national, regional and local. They range from the development of the current National Water Quality Plan (2007-2015) to infrastructure programmes in urban areas (DDU Berango Alternative Study) or the development of the Guadiana Water Management Plan.

In many cases, investment programming is performed together with the relevant hydrologic and hydraulic study; in these cases AMBISAT also employs the latest software and highly qualified professionals