The detailed projects of hydraulic infrastructure developed by AMBISAT meet all regulatory, technical and economic issues throughout the various stages of design, from baseline diagnosis to, alternatives and feasibility studies, to preparing the draft project and implementing the final project.

The fields of activity developed in recent years by AMBISAT, include the different water cycle stages, where the common and implicit goal of all projects undertaken is to improve and optimize water resource management. In addition, construction projects have been developed that include varied and innovative solutions, confirmed by the results achieved after commissioning, related to improving the hydraulic capacity of natural and artificial basins, as well as the stabilisation of banks and flooding defences in towns.
  • Supply infrastructure: Catchments, water treatment, adduction and distribution.
  • Regulating infrastructure: Dams and reservoirs.
  • Sanitation and treatment infrastructure: Sewerage systems and urban drainage, outfalls, storm tanks and sewage treatment
  • Re-use infrastructure: Adduction networks, distribution and irrigation systems.
  • Defence infrastructure and stabilizing riverbanks.
  • Adapting river channels.