A Geographic Information System (GIS) is defined as an interrelated set of methods, tools and data that are designed to act logically and in a coordinated manner to capture, store, process, analyse and present information items originating from a particular territory.

A GIS is not just a computer system used to create maps, but it can be used for this purpose, given its versatility in displaying them in different projections, scales and graphic styles. It is a geographic analysis tool. Its main advantage is that it helps identify spatial relationships between elements on the graph and in the associated database.

Among the activities performed by AMBISAT's team of professionals, we can stress the preparation and processing of map data. Data that, in recent years, have become a cornerstone in the development of many engineering applications. With this in view, the company has obtained extensive experience in handling and developing tools used to manage this type of information, including Geographic Information Systems.

AMBISAT performs the following activities in this field:
  • Geomatics or Geospatial technology: the acquisition, storage, processing, analysis, presentation and distribution of geographically referenced information
  • Mapping
  • Inventory of natural communities
  • GIS development. Design and programming of customized solutions, including Web Solutions
  • Training: In situ or through courses or standard master courses