Since its inception, AMBISAT has pioneered the development of environmental restoration plans and projects. In line with increasingly demanding environmental legislation, restoration activities in this field have been directed towards the goal of preserving and, where necessary, restoring the ecological and scenic quality of the Natural Environment.

Under these guidelines, our plans and projects have not only incorporated specific actions that allow the adaptation of abnormal situations, but also all those measures that lead to improving the environmental quality levels of ecosystems, and involving new approaches concerning the importance of the Nature for Society and placing man in respectful and integrating position in relation to Nature.

In the field of innovation, AMBISAT has sought to incorporate into its projects, when technically possible, bioengineering techniques, which apply biological and mechanical skills to ecological restoration work. Due to the essence of the natural materials used (stone, plants, natural fibre, topsoil, seeds...), these actions perfectly integrate into the environment allowing the full recovery of river ecosystems. By examining the conditions of the area in question, the problems causing the damage or the deviation from natural conditions are established. Then, the target image is established as the best possible environmental condition compatible with existing uses: restoration (full recovery), rehabilitation (partial recovery) or ecological improvement and landscaping (specific actions).

Actions are focused on eliminating the root causes of degradation (active restoration) as well as creating the conditions to allow the environment to stabilise by itself (passive restoration):
  • Comprehensive hydrological-environmental restoration plans
  • Environmental restoration projects: recovery, preparation, re-vegetation and maintenance (roads, slopes, landfills, rivers and streams, wetlands...)
  • Hydrological restoration projects for basins and erosion control
  • Ecological and landscape improvement projects