The Environmental Assessment of Plans, Programmes and Projects is the technical and administrative procedure which takes into consideration all environmental protection aspects during decision-making processes. This procedure contributes to the participation of the authorities concerned and of the public affected, and it is very useful as a channel for public participation in the correct consideration and integration of environmental concerns.

The Environmental Assessment concept includes a number of tools of a preventive nature with a view to preserving natural resources, which are increasingly important in relation to sustainable development.

Within the context of sustainability, the idea is to ensure that the environmental consequences of human development are taken into consideration during the decision-making process, together with economic and social considerations.

AMBISAT 's multidisciplinary team has wide-ranging experience in the field of Environmental Assessment. This professional experience is backed by years of work and continued participation in courses and seminars to update know-how.

AMBISAT performs the following activities in this field:
  • Environmental impact studies and monitoring plans (in addition to specific studies integrated into the rest of Technical Assistance service)
  • Strategic Environmental Assessment of Plans and Programmes
  • Strategic Environmental Assessment of Development Plans
  • Environmental Management during projects.
  • Design and Development of Environmental Monitoring Programmes and Plans for projects
  • Operational Environmental Monitoring
  • Design of preventive, corrective and compensatory measures required by environmental authorities to authorize civil engineering projects
  • Preparation of environmental reports or opinions required in relation to projects and works
  • Pressure and impact studies
  • Study, proposal and interpretation of indicators
  • Specific Environmental Studies (climate change and air quality, waste management, water quality, contaminated soil)
  • Renewable Energy Projects
  • Research and advice on environmental legislation and administrative procedures