The expertise and experience in the field of water engineering and the environment has enabled AMBISAT to obtain the trust of a wide range of customers from national and international water departments.

AMBISAT has performed outstanding work in water planning, such as the new Guadiana River Basin Hydrological Plan. The company has also prepared the National Water Quality Plan for the Ministry of the Environment, with a planned investment of 19,000 million euros until 2015 and is currently developing the consultancy and technical assistance contract for Monitoring and Studying the implementation in Spain of Directive 91/271/EEC for the Directorate General for Water Affairs of the said Ministry.

We have also undertaken advanced hydrology and hydraulic studies especially studies of flood areas in variable and two-dimensional conditions in the Carrión river basin for the Duero River Basin Water Authorities using LIDAR technology.

We must also stress that AMBISAT has extensive experience in environmental hydrological restoration of large watersheds, such as the Restoration Plan of the Historical Territory of Bizkaia and the development of the National Strategy for the Restoration of Rivers in the Tagus basin.

These references imply providing a proven experience in different fields that are currently required by public water authorities. Below is a list of the most significant projects conducted by AMBISAT in different fields , divided into two large groups together with a summary of each project.