Corporate responsibility is necessary for the sustainable development of society.

CR is an on-going aspect of AMBISAT stands for transparency and added value. It is an instituted philosophy based on the achievement of excellence within the company, especially considering our human resources and their working conditions, the environment, the social environment and the quality of our production processes.



All AMBISAT employees have assigned a career development plan designed in accordance with the functions and skills required for each job. Permanent staff training, through in-house courses and plans to help them develop their careers, is a key aspect of the said plans. Another noteworthy aspect is the development of health & safety and risk prevention policies designed to provide our professionals with the maximum level of well-being.

The object of health & safety and risk prevention policies is to prevent occupational accidents and improve the well-being of employees.

The Equal Opportunities Plan , which promotes equality between men and women, was prepared and implemented by AMBISAT after participating in the Generating Change Programme (2nd edition) and has been certified by the Regional Ministry of Employment and Women Affairs, Directorate General of Women Affairs of the Region of Madrid. It endorses our commitment to equality within the company, contributing to the professional development of women in AMBISAT.



The policies implemented by AMBISAT aimed at reconciling business objectives with the respect, preservation and improvement of the environment, have led to the introduction of working guidelines and methods in its projects, plans and studies, civil and environmental surveillance projects... which eliminate or minimize undesirable environmental effects.

AMBISAT is committed to minimizing the environmental impact caused by its activities by applying good environmental practices, in order to achieve savings on the consumption of resources, and proper waste management processes.

AMBISAT makes its Integrated Quality and Environment Policy Pagina2 Pagina3 and its Environmental Assessments available to the parties involved.

AMBISAT operates an Environmental Management System, implemented in accordance with the standard UNE-EN ISO 14001:2004, and certified by the Official Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Madrid (ENAC approved entity) under number EC-M.637.0404.



AMBISAT's key priority is to deliver perfectly executed projects that fulfil all technical and quality provisions, applicable to our professional environment, to the full satisfaction of our customers.

All employees are involved in the quality system, which is integrated into the overall business policy, defined and approved by the General Management, which also ensures the development and dissemination of the Integrated Quality and Environment Policy Pagina2 Pagina3

The general procedures established by the company guarantee the quality of the projects and the appropriate forms have been developed in order to record all relevant data to enable the certifying agency to perform annual audits that are intended to ensure that the certification objectives are maintained.

AMBISAT has implemented a service provision Quality Assurance System based on the Spanish standard, UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2008 which has been certified by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Madrid under number EC-1.636.0404, an ENAC approved entity for these purposes.



AMBISAT supports Water, Energy and Information and Communication Technology programmes promoted by the association ONGAWA, Ingeniería para el Desarrollo Humano -formerly named “Ingeniería Sin Fronteras - Asociación para el Desarrollo (ISF-ApD)"- in several countries with a view to improving the living conditions of the disadvantaged and, more specifically:

2011 in Tanzania in the expansion project of the “Kigoma District Hydrosanitation Programme (Tanzania). Phase V”, where the cornerstone of the project is the improvement of sanitary conditions through the eradication of water-borne diseases.

2009 and 2010 in Nicaragua in the “TERRENA Programme: improving land management and natural resources”, where water was the cornerstone of this intervention.

2007 and 2008 in Nicaragua in the “Rio Viejo Upper Sub-basin Management” project.

AMBISAT collaborates with the WE ARE SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE PROFESSIONALS project, a virtual community in which businesses and experts in various fields contribute to NGOs.

AMBISAT has developed a software tool that provides useful information when deciding on which treatment system is most suitable for population centres with less than 2000 inhabitants in the Douro River Basin, whether envisaging an individual or collective solution for several towns. The project aims to provide a practical solution that meets their water treatment needs, keeping in mind the socio-economic limitations and features of each town. This system can be applied to developing rural areas.