For the sake of simplification and efficiency in performance, quality and environmental management systems have been merged into a single Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System (SCYGMA), which requires all people working in AMBISAT to share a commitment for quality and a deep respect for the environment. The ultimate goal of this system is customer satisfaction.

AMBISAT's commitment to quality management results in permanent improvement plans as part of our strategic plans. AMBISAT's management understand quality as the correct management of all resources in order to achieve optimal results and thus ensure the achievement of excellence in the provision of customer services.

AMBISAT's key priority is to deliver perfectly executed projects that fulfil all technical and quality provisions, applicable to our professional environment, to the full satisfaction of our customers.

All employees are involved in the quality system, which is integrated into the overall business policy, defined and approved by the General Management, which also ensures its development.

AMBISAT's Integrated Quality and Environment Policy Pagina2 Pagina3 is at the disposal of the interested parties.

The general procedures established by the company guarantee the quality of the work performed, of traceability and repeatability In addition, we have developed appropriate forms to generate the appropriate records to enable the certification authority to perform annual audits designed to ensure the fulfilment of targets in accordance with the reference standards established in the certification and to ensure permanent improvement.

AMBISAT has implemented a quality assurance system for the provision of its services based on the Spanish standard, UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2008, which has been certified by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Madrid under number EC-1.636.0404 an ENAC approve entity for these purposes.

Quality certification UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2008